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Why use Curriculum Based Measurement Graphs?

  • Graphs provide a visual representation of a student's progress toward an academic or behavioral goal over the course of the school year.
  • Graphs can be easily understood by parents, teachers, administrators and other professionals involved in the education.
  • Graphs provide an effective summary of a student's progress for inclusion in documents like IEP's.
  • Graphs can help teachers gauge a student's response to intervention (RTI) and identify when students require modifications in instruction that are more effective in improving progress toward the stated goals.
  • Seeing a visual representation of their progress can motivate students to work harder toward their goals and give them a sense of pride in accomplishment.

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AboutTrackRTI :

  • All graphs are printable and can be downloaded for inclusion in your documents.
  • All graphs created by account owners can be emailed from the website.
  • TrackRTI works on PC's Mac's, Android devices, tablets, Kindles and smart phones.
  • TrackRTI is available from home or school, or anywhere you can access the Internet.

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