Progress Monitoring Graphs for Your Classroom or School

Why use Curriculum Based Measurement Graphs?

  • Graphs provide a visual representation of a student's progress toward an academic or behavioral goal over the course of the school year.
  • Graphs can be easily understood by parents, teachers, administrators and other professionals involved in the education.
  • Graphs provide an effective summary of a student's progress for inclusion in documents like IEP's.
  • Graphs can help teachers gauge a student's response to intervention (RTI) and identify when students require modifications in instruction that are more effective in improving progress toward the stated goals.
  • Seeing a visual representation of their progress can motivate students to work harder toward their goals and give them a sense of pride in accomplishment.

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AboutTrackRTI :

TrackRTI is a progress monitoring system that centrally maintains all of your RTI data. Its is available for use at both the classroom and school-wide level. TrackRTI allows you to determine any academic or behavior goals that you want to track.

TrackRTI is available in 3 forms:
  1. The free graphing application available on this site.

  2. A classroom version that allows a teacher to create up to 100 graphs in a year for 25 students. All graphs and data are saved and graphs are ongoing and are organized and searchable by group and assessment.   Read more...

  3. A school-wide version that allows an unlimited number of graphs in a year for an unlimited number of students. All graphs and data are saved and graphs are ongoing and are organized and searchable by instructor, group and assessment.  Read more...

In addition:

  • All graphs are printable and can be downloaded for inclusion in your documents.
  • All graphs created by account owners can be emailed from the website.
  • TrackRTI works on PC's Mac's, Android devices, tablets, Kindles and smart phones.
  • TrackRTI is available from home or school, or anywhere you can access the Internet.

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