With the free version you can:

  • Create 2 data series of up to 50 data points
  • Designate 5 data phases or changes
  • Display a unique trend line for each phase
  • Create and display an aim line
  • Print graphs

With a 1 year classroom ($12.00) subscription:

  • Charts are automatically saved
  • Email charts from the web site
  • Copy and paste charts directly into IEP's and reports
  • Search charts by class, assessment or student
  • Receive support via message board
  • Automatically display class average
  • Edit and add data to charts
  • Create, administer and record reading fluency probes on line.
  • Use TrackRTI on iPads and other mobile devices
  • Create up to 50 charts

School and District licenses available
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What is TrackRti?

TrackRti is a web-based application that teachers and educators can use to create charts and graphs that make assessing student response to interventions and response to instruction easier. A core assumption of the RTI model is that data must drive decision making and be used to assess the effectiveness of interventions and strategies. Charts and graphs are an excellent progress monitoring tool and can help identify trends in a child's educational and behavioral progress before and after interventions.

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